Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TEACHERS : With All Due Respect!

This short article was first published in my facebook note on April 6, 2009.

I just had some light dinner with my parent at Cupak Restaurant.
We talked much about Kelapa Sawit business my father had been offered to venture on by his Golfer friend. One hour of heavy discussion, planning and strategizing the business module, the risk mitigation, and the investment, we finally reached a decision..The project must be put on hold due to unavailable funding

Again..another coffe-shop discussion.Finished slurping the spicy hot chicken soup,we moved.

In the car on the way back home, my mother complaining about recent 'kes khalwat' involving UPSI student.
Beautiful hot chick kantoi with super ugly stupid brat <-- i made up this one.

I didn't really pay attention until she came to this statement:

"macam mana la depa ni nk ajar budak budak sekolah kalo perangai macam tu.."

It catched my mind - my mother got her point, very valid point.

I know for the fact, most of the new generation teachers are not devoted themselve to become a teacher from the very beginning of their education life. They dont even have an idea of making Teacher as their professional vocation, not at all!. I can say this because it happened to my wife who never had any ambitions of becoming a teacher, not until she got married and her husband used to change her perception forever, teacher - is the best possible option one can have to grab Akhirat points. So she did.

We often heard this: "who can do, do..who can't do, teach"
Practically, i can agree. Why?, in our current education system, we have KPLI, DPLI,GSTT and the list goes on..

In actual sense, these programmes are designed by the government to help postgraduates who reason for working in School is because they are not employable elsewhere, not because they have passion to teach the students in the first place.

What a pathetic moral and corrupt mindset Malaysian school teachers had if that really what they are..
Like the kes khalwat..can someone imagine what sort of values ex-khalwat teacher gonna bring into her class?,

Sharing her Khalwat experience with the schoolkids?,


Car stopped.We reached home.

8 Nasihat Ikhlas:

Firol said...

tu baru sikit brader.gua yang kerja kat dalam sekolah lagi laa..spesis yg mcm2 ada...nak tegur pun tak boleh

citahrudin said...

maka terdengarlah suara-suara out of tune :-

cikgu juga manusia biasa..

**tendang pintu***

Lann Shaukani said...

Kan nama 'cikgu' jugak yang kotor. Hadoih.

Apit said...

agree bro!sgt2

Anonymous said...

it seems like not many people are interested to comment this entry.

haha >.<

ayobkelubi said...

well, it's a very disturbing phenomenon nowadays.

giving away our children to the so call sacred ambition in the country into some false hands.

yup, it is so true.being teacher is some sort of last resort of having a job. the passion is just not there for some of them


djambu puadovich said...

agree with anon november 17 10:17pm

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

it hurts!
and the root of problems because human nowadays don't have clear vision and mission at all.
just follow the wave... the stupid cycle of human.
oh. myself. repent.